Redis watch command

watch -n 1 -d “redis-cli -h -p 6380 info | grep -e “connected_clients” -e “blocked_clients” -e “used_memory_human” -e “used_memory_peak_human” -e “rejected_connections” -e “evicted_keys” -e “instantaneous”” watch -n 5 -d “redis-cli -h -p 6380 info | grep -e “connected_clients” -e “blocked_clients” -e “used_memory_human” -e “used_memory_peak_human” -e “rejected_connections” -e “evicted_keys” -e “instantaneous””

Yii pseudo static

How to access static php files under the yii framework without having to create multiple actions, here is a simple record, I hope to leading to a better implementation: 1, configured in main.php ‘post/.html’=>’post/page/’ This line of code is the most important 2, implement a postController 3, add the post/pages directory in the corresponding views […]

Kafka Producer Performance Optimization

When we are talking about performance of Kafka Producer, we are really talking about two different things: latency: how much time passes from the time KafkaProducer.send() was called until the message shows up in a Kafka broker. throughput: how many messages can the producer send to Kafka each second. Many years ago, I was in […]

Zookeeper log cleanup script

The following is a shell script that clears three zookeeper nodes (making it a scheduled task): zookeeper home Zkdir=/server/app/zookeeper-3.4.6 snapshot file dir snapDir=/mnt/data/zookeeper/n_1 snapDir2=/mnt/data/zookeeper/n_2 snapDir3=/mnt/data/zookeeper/n_3 tran log dir dataDir=/mnt/data/zookeeper/n_1 dataDir2=/mnt/data/zookeeper/n_2 dataDir3=/mnt/data/zookeeper/n_3 Leave 30 files Count=15 Cd /server/app/zookeeper-3.4.6 Java -cp ${zkdir}/zookeeper-3.4.6.jar:${zkdir}/lib/slf4j-api-1.6.1.jar:${zkdir}/lib/slf4j-log4j12-1.6.1.jar: ${zkdir}/lib/log4j-1.2.16.jar:${zkdir}/conf org.apache.zookeeper.server.PurgeTxnLog ${dataDir} ${snapDir} -n ${count} Java -cp ${zkdir}/zookeeper-3.4.6.jar:${zkdir}/lib/slf4j-api-1.6.1.jar:${zkdir}/lib/slf4j-log4j12-1.6.1.jar: ${zkdir}/lib/log4j-1.2.16.jar:${zkdir}/conf org.apache.zookeeper.server.PurgeTxnLog ${dataDir2} ${snapDir2} -n ${count} […]