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Researchers are working It is often necessary to prepare experimental protocols. Sometimes, researchers share their latest experimental schemes so that others can repeat the experiment. is a network platform that can facilitate this purpose. It is an interactive, open-access database. When using it, scientists can write down their experimental procedures on the platform and freely choose to make them public or partially visible or privately visible. Scientists or laboratories from all over the world can participate in the discussion and edit their experimental process. .

The features of are as follows:

  • Find, add and share solutions.
  • You can see the details of the publication plan.
  • Create or join a group in your research field.
  • Copy the existing plan and generate a confidential version.
  • Added plans are confidential, unless set to share.
  • Ask the author of the project.
  • It is convenient to save the electronic record of the experiment.
  • The published methods are all up to date.
  • After installing an app with a checklist function on your mobile phone, you can view and execute the plan on your mobile phone while doing experiments.
  • Export solutions in multiple formats (text, pdf, JSON)
  • One-to-one experiment demonstrations can be reserved.

The advantages of are as follows:

  • User-friendly.
  • Avoid duplication of work.
  • The failed experiments were also shared.
  • Promote transparency in scientific research and cooperation in scientific research.
  • It is free for individuals from academic and non-profit institutions and groups of 15 or less.
  • When submitting a journal article, you can authorize reviewers to obtain your experimental protocol. has two minor shortcomings as follows:

  • Scientists may not trust the program.
  • Successful operation depends on the contribution of scientific researchers.

In short, can reduce unnecessary repetitive work by strengthening the interaction and cooperation between researchers, helping everyone to solve problems in experiments or find reasons for failure in time. Effectively improve the reproducibility of the experiment.

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