Basic knowledge

1. Data storage: Disk
(1) Three types of architecture storage methods. SAN, NAS, DAS.
(2) Distributed storage architecture.
1) SAN, NAS, and DAS are shared storage architectures.
2) The distributed storage architecture is a cluster (application).
3) Distributed Storage Architecture (HDFS), HDFS is software used to store data.

2. Operating system: Linux

1. Operation and maintenance/big data
Big data cluster:
(1) Distributed Storage Architecture (HDFS)
(2) Map-reduces data processing cluster
1) HDFS only solves the data processing problem
2) Map-reduces is to make massive data according to a certain amount Method, modified to key-value relationship (key-value)
3)HDFS+map-reduces=Hadoop cluster (a high-performance cluster running on Linux)
2. Algorithm:
Through mathematics (statistics) Learn) +Python=algorithm.
3. Data visualization.

4. Work direction of IT industry (1) Operation and maintenance 1) Linux operation and maintenance; including web architecture, building your own personal website direction 2) Virtual KVM\XEN; including openstack, docker(k$s ) Direction 3) Hadoop+java= big data storage direction; including spark learning (scala language), HDFS, map-reduces, Hive (SQL), zookeeper (2) development — computer language 1) front-end: JS, php, The early mechanical language of css, html, java, BASIC, C language C++: system development, driver development, embedded development (board writing) (driver: need to convert the instruction set between each manufacturer’s equipment, so that the manufacturer’s equipment can communicate with each other before) 2) Development Tools: scripting language; shell, perl, python3) Database: MySQL, nosql

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