HTC VIVE and room-grade virtual reality experience

This article is compiled based on the research report published by VR research expert Mr. Masazawa Tokuoka .

HTC’s Vive, which was sold on April 5, 2016, is similar to other manufacturers’ products. Bi has two important characteristics, so it has become a highly anticipated VR HMD.

The first feature is-“Officially correspond to SteamVR”. Steam today is not just a website selling PC games, but a gaming platform. The VR project provided for this platform is officially SteamVR, and the official Vive that supports SteamVR. In summary, the value of hardware is determined by supporting projects.
and The second point is that SteamVR is a “Room Scale VR” (Room Scale VR). Based on this, Vive becomes the corresponding device of SteamVR.
In simple terms, room scale VR is to set a certain VR space in the room, and then users can move freely in this space. Ordinary VR HMD uses the design of head positioning when the user’s head rotates, while SteamVR and Vive can detect the user’s position in space.
First start with the basic tutorial
The tutorial basically explains the Vive controller The usage method of HMD, the HMD dressing steps, the main items, etc., and the tutorial is still performed in the laboratory style of the Portal series, which is very novel and has a strong sense of substitution.
Then , The flow of the tutorial is
•Move freely in the VR space
•Press the button on the Vive controller to generate fireworks or balloons
All of these things are very simple.

But what’s interesting is that although they are all very simple content, the experiencer still can’t help but feel a kind of “good!”
What if If you press the button to generate balloons, each balloon is determined to have a collision volume, and will interfere with each other based on the physics engine. In other words, if the balloons collide with each other, the “collision” of the balloons can be well felt in the VR space.
Although in general 3D games, these are all things that should be done, but even so, if you look at it through VR HMD , There will still be a new touch. As literally said, like “the balloon is there”, my brain is feeling this scene.
Job Simulator < /section>
Job Simulator is a Level VR is a game where Vive’s functions are fully utilized. Players can experience some “work” simulations while moving in the VR space. It’s like those professional experience theme parks open to children.
Job There are currently four professions for players to choose from in the Simulator, namely “company employee”, “chef”, “salesman” and “car mechanic”. In the game, the cards are used to indicate these occupations. In the future, DLC may be used to increase the occupation options in the game.
< span style="line-height: 1.6; box-sizing: border-box;">From the perspective of game classification, Job Simulator is a game whose goal is to complete various tasks. Players will first get a big task goal like “preparing breakfast” and “fixing the rich”, but to actually complete these tasks, you need to start with small goals and complete them step by step. This kind of start from simple steps, step by step, show what should be done now in the game panel, and then players follow these prompts step by step, this game mode is very similar to RPG.
And after actually entering the game, you will find that you will feel that the control accuracy is very high when you hold the Vive controller while playing this game, and the positioning function is fully utilized.
For example If you need to make breakfast, you need to fry bacon. The player needs to open the refrigerator in the kitchen first. Therefore, you need to “hold” the door handle of the refrigerator (move the Vive controller that turns into a hand, approach the handle and press the trigger), and then “open the door” (make an opening action).
Then Take out the bacon in the refrigerator, and then fry it on an iron plate (controlling the heat also requires manual operation). In this way, the bacon omelette is complete.
Actually When I start playing, I still feel a little nervous. For example, in the kitchen, there will be a feeling of helplessness, and in the subsequent process, the structure of the kitchen will be gradually mastered, and the movements will become more agile. At this time, there will be a sense of fullness gradually being in it. To be honest, this is very interesting.
is Say that Job Simulator is a game experience that is very close to “reality”.
A Chair in a Room: Greenwater

Next is a VR horror adventure game called “A Chair in a Room: Greenwater” (hereinafter referred to as A Chair in a Room). The player acts as a person who has lost his memory and receives treatment in a facility. The player needs to find various clues in a completely enclosed environment, and then escape.
The content of the game is the same as ordinary horror escape games, but I have to mention that there are still many unsatisfactory places. The item determination in A Chair in a Room is very inaccurate. Sometimes I pick up an item. , You will find that it is not in your hand, but floating in the air.
Also Yes, if you pick up a note in the game, there is no corresponding record similar to it, you can’t even take it out again, although some game lovers think that this is the way to experience the connection of clues. It feels like it, but it is necessary to take out all the clues for reasoning. Therefore, A Chair in a Room is not so much a game that can be recommended, as it is a work to reflect the possibilities of VR.

“Realities” is a 360° video work. It can transform the real space into 360° image data and project it into the VR space, and users can move around freely in this space, which is the so-called “virtual sightseeing”.
< span style="line-height: 1.6; box-sizing: border-box;">Although sometimes there are some stairs, the brain will unconsciously think that you need to lift your feet to climb the stairs, and then step on the actual space without stairs Sora, this is the sense of disharmony that arises when there is a conflict between sensory and visual feedback, but when you get used to it, you will start to be dominated by a unique excitement, as if you are actually sightseeing in the field. In terms of movement, it can be moved in a small range through its own movement, and a large range of movement needs to be completed with the help of the Vive controller. It is worth mentioning that there is currently no fallback function, and this function should be added in future patch updates.
Although there are still some imperfections in the operation, However, the effect of Realities’ 360° images combined with room-level VR cannot be underestimated. You can use this to save the images of ancient buildings that are about to disappear, and then take them out for sightseeing, or hospitals and nursing homes. It is also a possibility of VR that patients and the elderly can return to their homes for a long time.
The Grand Canyon VR Experience
The last thing I want to introduce is “The Grand Canyon VR Experience”, as the title says, it is a work that uses VR to experience the Grand Canyon.
The operating system is very simple, use the right-handed Vive controller to control the paddle of the kayak, and the left-handed controller to control the flashlight. The player is in a kayak on the stream of the Grand Canyon to experience a canyon journey along the stream. In fact, only the oars are used to control the kayak “drifting”, which means that the direction can be freely controlled by the right-hand controller.
< span style="line-height: 1.6; box-sizing: border-box;"> And the advantage of The Grand Canyon VR Experience is probably the only thing that can shock people who experience VR for the first time. And even if you think this is a very “powerful” experience, it can only last for a short period of time.
When the height of the viewing angle is changed, the corresponding Seeing different scenery, if you lie down, you can also see splashing water, which is very bold. And when the paddle touches the surface of the water, the controller will vibrate accordingly, simulating the corresponding feel, which is also very interesting. However, it is a pity that when the oar hits aquatic plants or rocks, there is no feedback, and a strong sense of disobedience will occur at this time.
Therefore The Grand Canyon VR Experience can only be regarded as a Mature works. And this work is just like today’s VR. Although VR HMD has many refreshing elements for users, it is only a moment. In order to fully demonstrate the possibilities of VR HMD, it needs excellent software to support, and a game can truly become a game. , There is no lack of technology and accumulation of technology.
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2016年4月5日开始贩卖的HTC的Vive与其他厂商的产品相比具有两个重要特点,因此也成为了一款备受瞩目的VR HMD。

其中的第一个特点就是——“正式对应SteamVR”。 Steam今天已经不单单是一个贩卖PC游戏的网站,而是成为了一个游戏平台。而为这平台所提供的VR项目正式SteamVR,为SteamVR提供支持的正式Vive。硬件的价值总结来说,还是要有支持的项目来决定。
而第二点则是,SteamVR是一款“房间规格VR”( Room Scale VR),基于这一点的话,Vive成为SteamVR的对应设备也是理所应当的事了。
简单来说房间规模VR就是,在房间里设定出一定的VR空间,然后用户可以在这个空间里随意移动。普通的VR HMD采用的是在用户的头转动时进行头部定位的设计,而SteamVR,以及Vive则是能够检测出用户在空间中的位置。

虽然以一般的3D游戏来说,这些也都是理所应当的事情,但是即使如此,通过VR HMD来看的话,还是会有一种新感动。就像字面上说的那样,就像“气球就在那里”一样,自己的大脑正在感受着这个场面。
Job Simulator
Job Simulator是一款将房间级VR也就是Vive的机能完全活用的游戏,玩家可以在VR空间里一边活动,一边体验一些“工作”的模拟。就像是那些对小孩子开放的职业体验主题公园一样的东西。
Job Simulator中供玩家选择的职业目前有四种,分别是“公司职员”“主厨”“售货员”“汽车修理师”。在游戏中分别用卡带来表示这些职业,在将来也许也会通过DLC来增加游戏里的职业选项。
从游戏分类上来说,Job Simulator是一款以完成各种任务为目标的游戏。玩家首先会得到类似“准备早餐”“将有钱的人修理好”这样的一个大的任务目标,而实际要完成这些任务还需要从小的目标开始一步一步完成。这种从简单步骤开始一步步前进,在游戏面板中显示现在应该做什么,然后玩家按照这些提示一步一步向前,这种游戏模式很像RPG。
就是说Job Simulator是一种十分接近“现实”的游戏体验。
A Chair in a Room : Greenwater
接下来是一款叫做《A Chair in a Room : Greenwater》(下文中简称为A Chair in a Room)的VR恐怖冒险游戏。玩家扮演一个失去记忆的人,在一个设施里面接受治疗,玩家需要在一个完全封闭的环境里,找到各种各样的线索,然后进行逃脱。
游戏内容就和普通的恐怖逃生类游戏一样,单不得不提的是依然存在很多不尽人意的地方,A Chair in a Room中的物品判定非常不精准,有的时候拿起一个东西,会发现并不是拿在手里,而是在空中漂浮。
还有就是如果在游戏中捡到一个字条之后,并没有任何一个相应的类似记录的东西,甚至连重新拿出来看都做不到,虽然有的游戏爱好者认为这样才能体验将一个个线索串联起来的感觉,不过把线索全部拿出来进行推理也是有必要的。因此A Chair in a Room与其说是一款可以推荐的游戏,不如说是一个用来反观VR可能性的作品。
The Grand Canyon VR Experience

< /section>

最后要介绍的就是《The Grand Canyon VR Experience》,就像标题所说的那样,是一款用VR体验大峡谷的作品。
而The Grand Canyon VR Experience的优点,大概也就只有“能够震惊初次体验VR的人”这一点了吧。而即使认为这是一次很“厉害”的体验,也仅仅只能维持一小段时间而已。
因此The Grand Canyon VR Experience只能算是一个不成熟的作品。而这作品就像是现今的VR一样。 VR HMD虽然拥有很多能让用户耳目一新的元素,但也只是一瞬间而已,而为了把VR HMD的可能性完全展示出来,则需要优秀的软件来支持,而一款游戏能够真正的成为一款游戏,也不能缺少技术以及技术的累积。
新机情丨摸到就是赚到 HTC Vive零售版开箱全体验

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