Several solutions of Windows 2000 Server + Net2.0 occurrence Failed to Access IIS Metabase

Several solutions for Failed to access IIS metabase in Windows 2000 Server + Net2.0

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Today On a very old Windows 2000 Server SP4, install Net 2.0 Framework, install it to SP2, then install Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions, and finally hang up a 2.0 Web App, and find that Failed to access IIS metabase keeps appearing. I’ve seen this message many times, and the solution is:

Usually it is done… but this time it’s not done>”<, change to aspnet_regiis.exe -r also No.....

Come on again, in the second way:

Still not…

Okay, Check the network, some people said to check if the account currently in use has %windir%system32intersrv access rights. Okay, I checked it, and even more ruthlessly, I added the permission of Everyone, but it still doesn’t work…

The final solution is to add ASPNET account under the operator’s tab in IIS WebSite…

IIS station operator

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Nothing special~
It’s just some notes

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