Windows10 launches the SOLS Solutions for the Android Simulator

I suddenly wanted to use win10 to install an Android emulator to play games, and then prompted that vt was occupied.

I checked and learned that on the windows 10 system, we will use vmware, virtual box, hyper-v, Android emulator, 360 security guard’s core mode, etc., and these all rely on vt Technology, and vt can only be exclusive, not shared, so when you consider letting a certain software use, consider letting other programs not use vt.

Then I uninstalled vmware, virtual box, and even docker (don’t care if you don’t have these software)

Because these software require VT technology, naturally I have enabled VT in my bios. If you don’t open it, please open it on Baidu

Then follow the steps below to turn off hyper-v

Open the control panel-"Programs-"Enable or close the windows function, remove the check hyper- v option, and then restart

I thought that everything was going well, so I installed an Android emulator casually. The installation was successful, and it was running. It prompted a vt exception, and then a blue screen. Oh, this computer bought the first blue screen. I thought it was emulator rubbish. I changed it. It was the same as before. I was immediately depressed, and I got a blue screen as soon as I started it. I couldn’t bear it.

After looking for information carefully, I found a problem, that is, hyper-v is not completely closed, and it needs to be closed through the bcedit command.

Press win+x, select windows powershell (administrator), execute

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

Turn off the hyperv startup type, and then restart , I found that the Android emulator was used normally, and it turned out to be the problem.

Of course, if you want to open it later, enter it

bcdedit / set hypervisorlaunchtype auto

Then restart.

As for copying the bcedit configuration into two copies, and then modifying them to enable hyperv and not to enable hyperv respectively, then perform the research. My test needs to be in safe mode to perform the copy configuration, which is not normal under normal circumstances.

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